Festival * The Art of Sex * 29.8.-2.9.2018 * Vienna info@theartofsex.at
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The Art of Sex


29.8. -2.9.2018


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We are oversexed and underfucked. We watch porn, we talk about sex positions, we discuss female orgasms and male performance, but we always stay on a superficial level.

The Art of Sex dares to dig deeper. We dare to take the next step. A festival, 5 days, to re-invent sexuality. The best Sex-gurus, Dungeon Masters and Relationship Experts will come to Vienna to share their knowledge regarding Kink, Tantra and Love. Lets ask the big questions- what is the best sex that a person can have? What is the Art of Sex? And how can one master it?

Join a community of explorers, dreamers and adventurers; to create, to master, to celebrate the Art of Sex.

Vienna, 29.8.-2.9.2018.

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The Festival ‘The Art of Sex’ will take in a beatuiful location in the very heart of Vienna, the ‘Aux Gazelles’. It delights with excellent food, spacious rooms and a Hammam (a classic oriental bath).

The Aux Gazelles will be exclusively opened for the Art of Sex during the day. In the front, a cafe invites to linger and lounge, to take in the scenery and breathe. A huge upper gallery and several capacious workshop spaces in the back allow larger groups to mingle. Or, to find the utmost pleasure and relaxation, simply enter the luxurious Hammam and dive into sensuality and calm.

Lets indulge in an exquisite oasis of pleasure..